Our team of ASE Certified technicians use make-specific computer diagnostics, scan tool, and reprogramming to provide you with the most accurate service for your individual vehicle. We are able to service all Lexus and Toyota models, and our team can often perform same-day service for any auto repair. Charleston, SC offers many options for automotive care, but few shops provide the quality and amount of services we have at Lex-Tech Automotive. In addition, we offer a leading 24 month/24,000 mile warranty for all services and parts. Contact us today at 843.225.5191 or schedule an appointment online!

Computer Diagnostics

We use state-of-the-art computer diagnostics prior to performing auto repair and maintenance services. Our team has the right tools for this task, so you can count on a personalized automotive service.

Heating & Air Conditioning Car Services

No matter what the weather is like in Charleston, auto repair technicians at our shop will make sure your vehicle is able to maintain a comfortable temperature. We offer both heating and air conditioning services for all vehicles.

Steering & Suspension

Whether you have a malfunction in your rack and pinion steering system or issues with damaged parts in your suspension, our team will fix the problem correctly the first time! We will make sure your car runs as smoothly as possible.

Brake Service & Repair

From brake pad replacement to Anti-lock Brake System repair, our ASE Certified technicians are able to meet all of your brake service needs. If you hear a screeching sound coming from your brakes or experience a delay in braking, bring your vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

Commitment to Perfection

Suggested Service Intervals

MAINTENANCE SERVICE AT 15,000 / 45,000 / 75,000 MILES

Change Engine Oil & Filter
Inspect and Adjust All Drive Belts
Replace Transmission Fluid & Differential Fluid
Check and Adjust Brake Fluid Condition, Master Cylinder and Brake Booster
Remove Wheels - Clean, Adjust and Inspect Linings, Wheel Cylinders, Pads and Calipers, All Hydraulic Lines, Fittings and Hoses
Rotate Tires
Inspect All Fluid Levels
Check Tire Wear and Pressure
Inspect Steering and Shocks
Inspect Drive Shaft Boots, Clamps, Ball Joints and
Dust Covers
Replace Wiper Inserts
Inspect Spark Plug Wiring and Connectors
Inspect and Tighten Exhaust and Manifold Bolts
Inspect Cooling System
Replace Cabin Air Filter and Inspect AC System For Proper Cooling
Service Battery and Clean Terminals
Replace Engine Air Filter
Check all Lights and Accessories For Proper Operation
Check All Door Locks/Handles and Hood Latch Lubricate Door Hinges
Road Test For Performance
Lexus Recommends Changing A/C Filters Every 15,000 Miles or Once a Year

MAINTENANCE SERVICE AT 30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 MILES

Inspect Engine Timing Belt
Inspect All Fluid Levels
Inspect Ball Joints, Front Suspension, Tires for Abnormal Wear and Correct Tire Pressure
Check Operation of Lights and Wipers
Lubricate Doors, Hood Hinges and Chassis
Change Engine Oil & Filter
Replace Transmission Fluid & Differential Fluid
Rotate Tires
Replace Drive Belts (60,000 miles only)
Change Brake Fluid, Inspect Parking Brake System, Master Cylinder and Brake Booster, Adjust as Needed
Replace Wiper Inserts
Replace Platinum Tip spark Plugs (60,000 miles only)
Replace Iridium Tipped Plugs at (90,000 miles only)
Remove Wheels, Clean, Adjust and Inspect Linings, Wheel Cylinders, Pads and Calipers, All Hydraulic Lines, Fittings and Hoses.
Replace Coolant
Replace Fuel Filter (if applicable)
Inspect and Tighten Exhaust and Manifold Bolts
Tighten Chassis Bolts
Service Battery and Clean Terminals
Replace Engine Air Filter and A/C Cabin Air Filter
Road Test for Performance
Lexus Recommends Replacing Engine Timing Belt at 90,000 Miles

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